Buying, Selling or Building a new House

Buying, Selling or Building a new House

If I build a new house, is there still the danger of radon? YES
Newly built homes are not risk free. Many construction companies and architects are not fully aware of the radon issue. You can ask a radon certified consultant to analyze your project and suggest building techniques during construction on how to prevent radon intrusion.  If your home is already built, then there is evidence to suggest that newer constructed homes are more likely to have radon problems because they have a better sealed building envelope and do not have as many air exchanges with the outdoors as some older homes do.

I am going to buy a house, should I ask to be tested before buying it? YES
First of all to be safe, but doing so during the inspection period allows you to understand what the costs could be and who is to be responsible for paying for the radon mitigation system.  Always better to understand the costs prior to purchasing the house. It should be tested before the closing and if it is necessary to perform a service, it can be discussed in the deal of the house.

Selling the house
There is no Arizona law that requires a seller to test or reduce indoor radon levels. The law requires the seller to disclose elevated radon levels, if known.   If radon tests reveal elevated levels, any decision to mitigate is usually a result of negotiations between the buyer and seller.


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Arizona and Radon Gas

Radon presence in Arizona is similar to the national average.

A state indoor radon sampling survey conducted in 1987-89 by the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency suggest that about 1 out of 15 Arizona homes may contain radon concentrations in excess of the EPA recommended action level of 4.0 picocuries per liter of air (4.0pCi/L).  

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